Our Services

Seed Cultivation

We offer one of the largest choices of seed over the industry, since we understand that choosing the correct seed for your field and growing conditions is one of the foremost critical choices you make for your farm.


We offer modern technologies and an imaginative approach without losing sight of the foremost clear and time-tested farming methodologies. Farmers count on Brar Agro Consultants s for the highest quality products, and the guaranteed logistical support they need to succeed in large-scale indoor, open air, and nursery agrarian operations.

Growing And Consulting

We counsel with agriculturists to assist them grow superior crops and explore complex and changing natural regulations. We offer assistance to agriculturists by optimizing soil ripeness, identifying and controlling bugs, and managing the land to minimize erosion and nutrient losses. We believe in cultivating, science-based decision making, and making a difference for farmers today and for future generations.

Greenhouse Nurseries

We specialize in greenhouses and greenhouse supplies, but moreover plant supplies of all sorts, plant pots, polycarbonate boards and other plastic sheets, shade cloth, weed barrier, hydroponic supplies, developing lights and much, much more!


We have years of horticultural experience, and we guarantee you nothing but the most excellent in quality, proficient arranging and tree administrations. We empower ourselves by bringing you the finest possible service. We ensure the use of advanced procedures, cutting edge equipment, and fully prepared taught staff members will will bring a delight to your outdoor transformation experience.